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There are many ways to show your support of Rotary and our fight to end sex trafficking. Through the donation of funds or in-kind goods, you can directly help spread the word and support local victims. 

Donate Funds: 
You can send checks made out to East Portland Rotary Foundation. Please contact for mailing instructions. 

Donate Gift Cards: 
Fast food restaurants in $5 denominations (Burgerville, Burger King, McDonald’s, etc.) 
Personal needs stores in $10 denominations (Walgreens, Fred Meyer, Rite Aid, Walmart, etc.) 

Donate hygiene products: 
Tooth paste 
Hair brushes 

We are also in search of donated advertising space.

Other ways to support in the fight against human trafficking:

  • Volunteer in a community program.  Call the program directly and ask about opportunities to volunteer.
  • Provide financial support for programs that support victims of sexual exploitation.  Call the programs and see what they need.
  • Work to eliminate and similar websites that promote commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).
  • Help raise awareness by talking about the issue and asking questions.
  • Support federal and state laws to combat Human Trafficking  by contact your representatives.
  • Work to end pimp glorification and sexualization of children ~ contact the company responsible for this type of advertising when you see it and share your feelings.
  • Ask your legislators to write laws that will provide tougher penalties for convictions of Human Trafficking.
  • Start a petition you will send to your legislators.
  • Share your experience with others on  Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.

Please contact to donate gift cards or hygiene products.

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